Friday, February 20, 2009


Craig made his delivery in Tacoma on Thursday morning and was then given an assignment to pick up some meat in Toppenish, WA at a meat plant we have been to a couple of times before. The appointment wasn't until 3pm today, so he was able to drop the trailer in their yard and bob tail down the street to the local casino and park there for the night and have use of their facilities.
I have been spending some great quality time with my friend and have been enjoying being asked for input on their decision making on some of the design elements of the house they are having built. It looks like the next time I am here next month, that they just might be able to move into the 3,000 square foot house from the 600 square foot cottage they have been living in for the past 8 months. To say that they are looking forward to it, especially with two kids and a dog and cat is truly an understatement. And can I just say what fun it will be to visit and have the cottage to stay in while I am here again?

I will be heading south today along with Craig, and with hopes to cross paths sometime tonight, where I just might be able to get some sleep in the truck before continuing my 13 hour drive to my Mom's house. While Craig delivers the meat in Vernon, CA on Sunday, I will be visiting with my Mom and planning my re-entry onto the truck. If we are lucky, it will be on Monday, but more than likely it will be Tuesday sometime. That gives more than enough time to visit and pick up groceries for the next few weeks out on the truck.


Anonymous said...

So, how did trainer training go??? Did Craig like it? Will he be doing that anytime soon? Glad to hear you're on your way back to the sunshine state. BTW--the forecast: showers this weekend! Enjoy your time with your mother.

adozeneggs said...

We had to live in a 400 sq foot condo with a dog and two cats, Dave, me and our entire business. Not fun, especially when employees were working with me during the day and we couldn't cook anything! I understand your friends excitement for the new house.


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