Monday, February 23, 2009


As most of you already know, Craig and I aren’t into big celebrations or making big deals about holidays or birthdays. Heck, last year we even forgot our anniversary while in Knoxville, TN. So today, our 8th anniversary, we find ourselves apart for the second time since starting our adventure in trucking, but at least we remembered this year! I can’t believe how fast those 8 years have gone by, but that’s what happens when you’re having so much fun being together and having the adventures we have had.

After Craig made his delivery in Vernon, CA Sunday morning, he was given a dispatch to pick up bananas at the Port in San Diego. His appointment is for 9am this morning, so he decided to go to our favorite rest area along Interstate 5, just north of San Diego, right by the ocean. That is one stop I’m sorry I missed! After loading, he will make his way north and be on track to pick me up at the French Camp yard Tuesday afternoon when he stops for fuel. With having our pick up down in California, the transition back into the truck will be so much easier, plus we’ll have access to our vehicle every time we pass through town.

The bananas are scheduled to be delivered Thursday morning at 7am in Clackamas, OR. That will give us a nice, non rushed drive into Oregon . It should be an especially beautiful drive this time of year when Oregon seems to be just that much greener than it normally is. I’ll be sure to have my camera at the ready for anything that catches my eye. Looking at the weather forecast we will most likely be having a wet drive, but trust me, not even a little rain could put a damper on our reunion tomorrow, as we take off driving on what have become the freeways of our life, into our 9th year together.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Enjoy the trip north together.
C'ya on the Hiways!

Mark Krusen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Paul Nichols said...

Happy Anniversary. Many happy returns. God bless. Enjoy the ride!


rosemary said...

Ahh...many more years together and on the road...which apparently leads to happiness.

Bob Seyfried said...

Congradulations to you Both, Happy Anniversary!!!


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