Thursday, February 12, 2009


Remember that snow I told you about yesterday as we closed in on the Oregon border? It started coming down really good, and as a group of us headed north, a driver on the CB was telling us that it looked like Oregon DOT was getting ready to put chain controls in effect, and then he said “So don’t drag your anchor“. Both Craig and I started to laugh, but you can bet we went as quickly as we could those last 30 miles to get into Medford. Well, not so fast there Sparky. We did breath a sigh of relief when we passed those DOT guys by the chain sign that had not yet begun to flash. There was yet another sign as we reached the summit and passed a couple of trucks off to the side of the road who decided to put chains on. But as we started our decent down the hill, the chatter on the CB increased and we began to see what the buzz was all about. Luckily for us, it was for the traffic going in the opposite direction. A very light FedEx truck had started spinning it’s wheels getting up the hill and had stopped in the slow lane. As other trucks slowed going up the hill, they started losing traction and sliding. DOT did have a push truck to help, but the trucks just kept coming up the hill and it was like a domino effect with them piling up into one big mess. In the mean time, we cautiously made our way down the hill and at the bottom we saw where DOT had completely closed the Interstate until the pile of trucks toward the top of the hill could be cleaned up. Oh, and all that snow that was causing the problems? It was no where in sight at the bottom of the hill as we pulled out of the weigh station and drove the last 7 miles into Medford……. without once dragging our anchor!

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