Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together

We're always so happy to reunite whether it be after a lengthy abscense or a relatively short one like we had last week. The weather couldn't have cooperated any better for our reunion as the rain and clouds that had hung around the day before where no where to be seen.

After Craig was loaded with the bananas in San Diego Monday afternoon, he made it as far as Frazier Park where he called it a night. Up Tuesday he arrived at the French Camp yard by noon and was happily greeted by me with a hug, kiss and a Starbucks double chocolate chip frappacino! What more could a man ask for? Except for the tin of cookies I had sent for from my blog friend Laura at A Dozen Eggs. I had them shipped to my Mom's house, so that when I returned to the truck, I could surprise Craig with them. These cookies are entirely hand made and the detail work on them is amazing. If you have an opportunity, you should check out her website and treat yourself or someone you love!After giving me time to put away my belongings and then the food I had purchased for the next few weeks, we were off headed north. It was a joy to appreciate the blossoms and wild flowers in bloom along the wayWe pulled into the Flying J in Corning, CA and enjoyed some baked spaghetti that my Mom had prepared for us and watched the President's speech on TV.What a difference a day makes. We awoke to cloudy skies and as we crossed into Oregon the rain began to fall. It continued that way for the majority of our journey today. We took advantage of the extra time we had on this trip and took several breaks along the way. Always makes for easier sandwich making when not being josseled about in the back of the truck!Tonight finds us at the familar TA truck stop in Aurora, OR with a mere 25 miles left to the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, OR in the morning. From there we haven't a clue where we might be sent, but you can bet I'm secretly wishing for another trip to Tillamook for some ice cream, winter weather or not!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! It's amazing how fast it turns from winter to spring here in CA; basically from the end of the storm through the next day, usually.
Enjoy your time together.
C'ya on the Hiways!

adozeneggs said...

Thanks so much for the link!!
I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the cookies.
As usual, your photos are gorgeous! Im envious of the spring like weather, everywhere except in VT.


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