Monday, February 02, 2009


After his delivery at the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup, WA, Craig was told to drop his trailer there and that his driving services were no longer needed, oh and by the way, here is your $104 dollars for not doing anything the rest of the day. He first went back to the drop yard in Pacific and then thought, why am I sitting here, when I could bob tail over to the Flying J in Tacoma and have all the comforts of to speak......and that is exactly what he did.

Armed now with great TV reception, an Internet connection, and a cooler full of good food, he was all set for a day of lounging around as we both enjoyed the Super Bowl, albeit a mere 900 miles apart from each other. This morning he was still waiting for a dispatch when we talked, but by 1pm, he had received the assignment, retrieved a loaded trailer from Fred Meyer's, scaled, and was on his way into Spokane, WA.
This particular run is one we have had several times before. It consists of 5 different deliveries to Fred Meyer stores in the Spokane area and then Coeur d'Alene, ID. By leaving at 1pm he will be able to get into Spokane before 7pm, do a mandatory 10 hour break, and be back on the road by 5am to make his first delivery at 6am tomorrow morning. Now if we can just have him get a dispatch for either meat or frozen french fries, we'll be in business for him to keep moving south and pick me up.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the reunion. Be safe out there, Craig!

rosemary said...

Upon reading the first sentence i had a sinking feeling....but it turned out OK.....i thought he was laid off!!!!!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Ha Ha Rosemary...... I had to re-read it, and I can see where you thought I might have been heading that way with my entry. But not to we have always said....people gotta there is lots of work left to do to get the food to those who need it!


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