Friday, February 13, 2009


I don't think I have mentioned this in any earlier post, but after over 8 weeks out for Craig, we decided to take some home time. If you remember from this post, I attempted to go home, but found that I could not enter the house, nor find a place to park the truck due to the snow that was pushed into our lot by the snow plow.

So after our drop in Auburn, WA Thursday morning, we went to the drop yard in Pacific to await our next dispatch. We received it shortly after getting comfortable, and it was for a load of chicken out of Renton, WA headed to Spokane. The kicker was that it didn't pick up until 8pm Thursday night, and it delivered at 5am Friday morning.

You all know the rules.....when you need to go to sleep, you can't, and when you need to stay awake, you want to sleep. We tossed and turned for almost 2 hours before finally giving up. We did rest, but we didn't sleep. When our 10 hour mandatory break was up at 7pm, we headed out to pick up our load and make the drive into Spokane.

This was a drop and hook, and we were hoping we would be out of there by 8pm, which would allow us to stop somewhere on our way into Spokane for a 3 hour power nap, but it was not to be. We had to wait until 9:30pm before the paperwork was done and we were finally on our way, which meant we would have to settle for a 90 min nap. Believe me when I tell you, that was the fastest 90 minutes in history.

We pulled into the URM Store DC 15 minutes early and were directed to a nice open dock area. Always a good thing when tired and backing up is not high on your favorite "to do" list. A short time later, we were unloaded and headed into the yard to start our home time. With a quick stop at the local Wal Mart we made our way home to try and figure out a way to get into our house.
Craig tried taking the metal weatherstrip off the bottom of the door, but that still would not provide the clearance needed to open the door. We think the reason is the weight of the snow on the roof, which made the house settle a little lower than the deck. Thank goodness I had left the office window unlocked. We took the screen off and was able to get the window to slide open. Craig crawled through the window like a good burglar and viola, opened the french doors onto the front porch. Only draw back is hoisting ourselves over the railing to get onto the porch, but at least we found a way in and we are HOME.<

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Anonymous said...

Home, sweet home. One way or another it's still home, sweet home. Enjoy the time off and good luck with your training!


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