Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yep, you guessed it, my husband was once again offered a bribe of home cooked goodies for leaving me in Modesto for a few days. This time, all it took was some BBQ chicken wings, chili, hard boiled eggs, and a plate full of chewy chocolate brownies. Now don't tell my Mom, but he would have kicked me to the curb for the brownies alone!

The delivery at Costco in Mira Loma was smooth as always, and we had little doubt, as I mentioned previously, that we would be headed to San Deigo for bananas. We thought we would leave a little earlier than usual to get to the Port ahead of our appointment time. We weren't the only ones thinking that way. Upon getting the 5 second security clearance with the TWIC card, we pulled into the dock area to see 5 other drivers sitting there as well. Since they don't even start loading until 9am, we had a while to sit and enjoy the sunny weather.

Just like last time, by noon we were on our way and headed out of LA well ahead of the late afternoon commute traffic. We made it as far as Fowler, CA where we called it a night and awoke to a truck stop filled up with not only heavy fog, but trucks parked in every conceivable spot they could find. We have never seen this particular place so jammed up before.

Carefully, we maneuvered ourselves out and back onto the freeway for a 7:30am hand off in Modesto of me, for the aforementioned food, that was sure to make Craig's tummy feel happy. We pulled onto the predetermined off ramp to find my Mother waiting, and the exchange was made, with the promise that he would return in a few days to retrieve me. That'll give me plenty of time to take advantage of some home cooking of my own and enjoy watching the Super Bowl while partaking in an adult beverage or two.

Craig will be making the delivery of bananas on Super Bowl Sunday in Puyallup, WA at the Fred Meyer DC. I doubt he will be having as much fun as I plan on having, but with any luck, he'll be on his way back south again come Monday. I'll be waiting at the curb, right where he left me, when he returns!


John said...

Kicked to the curb for wings, chili, eggs and brownies? I'm amazed. But then I've never had your Mom's brownies. Does she deliver? Like to Ohio or maybe Illinois? I could meet her there if that would help.

rosemary said...

So, does that make you a cheap date? Do you pull your skirt to your knees when he makes that running stop to pick you up?

Anonymous said...

Modesto for the Super Bowl! How could you pass that up?!? Have a great time.


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