Wednesday, February 29, 2012


After dropping the empty container at Tyson in Wallula, WA, we were dispatched to bob tail to the company yard in Spokane.  After taking advantage of the laundry facilities and getting a good night's sleep, we were told to head home and await Craig's new team driver, who would most likely be in the yard Wednesday morning.  With that we cleaned out the truck of all of my possessions and headed for an unexpected stay at home, which we both loved!
On the way home, we decided to stop for breakfast, and wanting to try some place different we finally stopped at Frank's Diner in North Spokane.  This diner, voted the best place in Spokane for breakfast for over 11 years in a row, is actually a railroad car that was built in 1913.  It originally was a sleeper car and then converted to a dining car, before being retired and moved to Spokane. 
There is also something about dining in a vintage train car that adds to the experience. The antique wood and brass of the interior makes the atmosphere warm and inviting.  Just past the front door, you see the counter with a view of the grill, which on any given month serves over 15,000 eggs and 2 1/2 tons of hasbrowns.  Beyond the counter are train car booths for either two or four people.  But best of all?  The food was fantastic.  This will definitely be a place to bring friends and relatives when they come to visit.


Anonymous said...

Love the train car diner!!! It looks beautiful inside. I would to visit it one day!! What a great surprise to have some "home time"! Can't wait to see you! Denise

The Daily Rant said...

This is beautiful inside! I want to go!


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