Sunday, February 26, 2012


We had an interesting run when we were finally able to get rolling again after being down for truck repairs.  Our dispatch was to pick up a loaded container at Tyson in Wallula, WA, instead of our normal company trailer, and head to the Port of Oakland.  The details, as always, were a bit sketchy on the delivery, as our truck was not registered to enter the port, but we hooked up and started our way south, just happy to be on the road again.
With having a late start on this load, we made it into La Pine, OR for the evening and then decided to stage the next day in Dunnigan, CA before making our journey into the San Francicso Bay Area on Friday morning.  On our way into to CA, I took the opportunity to capture another picture of my favorite mountain, Mt Shasta.
About five miles from Anderson, CA the traffic on Interstate 5 was coming to a stop, and the buzz on the CB radio was active.  Instead of trying to decipher the CB talk, I immediately went onto the CHP activity log online, and found out a hay truck had caught fire, and the road was closed and traffic was being diverted off the freeway.
As we slowly crept, about 90 minutes worth, to the vicinity of the off ramp, I took a few pictures I normally wouldn't have been able to take at highway speeds.  Then, wouldn't you know it, just as we were going to have to take the off ramp, we were the first vehicle they allowed through on the freeway and past the fire. 
We made it into Dunnigan to stage for our delivery and attempted to get some more details regarding what to do once we got to the port.  We weren't too successful, other than to find out that we would be meeting up with one of the local TWT drivers, but no one seemed to know where that would be.
Friday morning we ended up getting to the port area by 5am for our 6am delivery appointment.  With quite a few park heres and then end up moving theres, we were finally given the cell phone of the local driver so that we could coordinate where to park for him to take our load into the port.  Only one problem, he didn't even arrive until 9am!  Long story short, 5 hours after arriving at the port, we hooked up to an empty container and we're heading north back to Tyson.

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I love looking at you beautiful pictures.


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