Sunday, February 19, 2012


We decided to head back to the yard, with a stop to buy groceries, upon hearing of a potential snow storm headed our way up in Usk, WA.  By the time we made it into the yard and unloaded all of our personal belongings and groceries, the wind had kicked up and temperature was dropping fast, but all we managed to get over night was some rain.  However, up in Usk, we did manage to get about 6 inches of snow so I'm glad we left when we did.
Up early Saturday morning, we sent in the message we were ready to roll and we were given a dispatch to head to Tyson Meat in Wallula, WA. All went as planned, dropped an empty trailer, hooked up to our loaded trailer, retrieved the paperwork, and then pulled out into the driveway to move the tandems and then we heard a loud metallic "CRUNCH & CLANK".  I looked at Craig and immediately said "that didn't sound good".
Craig got out of the truck and started looking around and immediately noticed we were tilting to the left.  As you can see from the photos, the left front fender is dangerously close to the tire and the right front is well above the tire.  Craig opened up the hood of the truck to get an inside look and saw that it appeared the front left spring had to speak.  What had been a great run with a lot of miles turned into gently nursing the truck and trailer to the Pasco yard where someone else would get the benefits of a nice run south.
As for us?   We are stuck in our lopsided truck, sitting in the yard in Pasco, until the Kenworth dealership, about a mile away opens up.  Our only question is, will they be open on Monday, Presidents Day or not?  Thank goodness we have a full pantry, restroom facilities inside the office, and all the computers, ebooks and smart phones to keep us busy.  It looks like it will be a very long weekend of sitting.

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