Thursday, February 23, 2012


Eleven years ago today, Craig and I made a commitment to live as husband and wife til death do us part.  It was a simple ceremony, with just the two of us and the required witness, making our vows to each other and asking God's blessing on our union.  Only knowing each other less than a month, we knew the risks going in, but it felt righ,t and God continues to bless us as we tally another year of never once regretting our decision to live the rest of our lives together.

If we would have guessed where our lives would be today, eleven years ago, I doubt it would have even been close to where we are today.  By taking a few more risks along the way, we have arrived at a place where we couldn't be happier, except to be able to be "home" more often.  Nothing shows us that more than when we have to pack up and go back out on the road again.

We've had some long discussions lately on where we want to be in the next couple of years, and everything is pointing towards Craig trying to get more of a local job within the company where he would be home a couple of times a week.  Until then, in order for him to be home consistently, and more often is to go back driving team, where there is extra money for him to be home at least 5 days a month.  We don't envision him having to do this for more than 1 year, as by then my retirement income that I have been waiting over 6 years for will finally start coming in.

What does this mean for this blog?  I'll still be updating you on Craig's adventures, as the teams for TWT are now heading on more runs east, as far as Florida.  No doubt I will have lots of pictures from Craig and stories to tell of his adventures off his normal route of Interstate 5.  For me it means being able to finally start to begin the process of putting down roots at our little house by the river in Usk, and having a sense of community within our little town.  I'll be taking photos, doing small refurbishing projects, decorating the house, visiting my BFF Cori in Walla Walla, and of course making trips to California to visit family as we continue to grieve, heal, and find our new normal without our beautiful and loving Mother & Omie.

For now I'm still on the truck for a couple of weeks, and for today, loving my husband even more than I did eleven years ago, thankful for his support and desire to make our life the best it can be, because really, as long as we are together, with the love we have between us, life doesn't get much better than this.  Happy Anniversary Craig!

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Txjerry2 said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Just getting back to reading your blog about being on the road again and you are deciding to change again. All decisions that come with a cost and a reward. Did you ever think of you being that team driver? You get all the team money and the 5 days home a month....just a thought. In any case I will enjoy your last few weeks of life from the passenger seat.



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