Saturday, February 04, 2012


So it wasn't pineapples we picked up at Port Hueneme, but bananas......from Del Monte instead of Dole.  I felt like we were cheating since we have never transported any bananas but Dole before.  The guilt lasted all of about 5 seconds.  
The drive to the port was your typical southern California day.....sunny and warm in the 60's. We passed orchard after orchard of oranges and would have loved to have stopped at the fruit stand offering 15 avocados for only $5, but then we would have been forced to eat a lot of guacamole and chips.
The port was packed with other trucks waiting to be loaded when we arrived.  The security guard even mentioned for us to be careful as it was like an obstacle course trying to weave in and around the trucks and trailers parked wherever they could find a space.  Craig checked in, and as we waited to hear his name called over the public address system, saw two more TWT trucks make their way to the waiting area.
After waiting 90 minutes for a dock, we were finally called to one where it took exactly 10 minutes for them to load the trailer.  A quick scale at a small oil company a few miles away, and we were happily on the road headed north.  These bananas don't deliver until the 8th, but we should be in Pasco, WA about 40 miles or so away from the Wal Mart by Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully, we can drop the trailer in the yard and get another load out on Monday.

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