Wednesday, February 08, 2012


It's not very often that things work out perfectly in trucking world, but it did for us on Sunday.  We were able to drop the "slow boat to China" banana load in the yard in Pasco, WA and await a loaded trailer full of beer which would arrive later in the evening.  That really left us no other option than to bob tail over to a restaurant  in town and enjoy watching the Super Bowl on a big screen TV in the lounge of the bar. 
You know what else was nice?  Having a couple of nice cold beers (just me, Craig kept to Diet Pepsi), and enjoying a couple of appetizers as we watched the Giants beat the Patriots in a really exciting game.  I'd like to go on record and say my favorite commerical was the Doritos " you didn't see nothing" dog.  Still makes me laugh when I think of it.
After the game we went back to the yard to get some sleep before waking up at 4am to hook up to our trailer and head just 45 miles away to Walla Walla, WA to make the delivery at 6am.  From there we were dispatched to Ontario, OR for a load of frozen french fries.  We rolled into town, fueled up, got a light weight, and then was able to park at the shipper's location to get our 10 hour break in, before being called to the dock to get loaded.
We were happy to see one of our favorite TWT drivers show up, and learn that he would be delivering to the same receiver as us.  Shortly after midnight, we were loaded and scaled and heading out for the first of two nights of night driving.  Thankfully, both Craig and I were able to catch a few hours of sleep during our 10 hour break, but a little after 4am we decided to pull over and take a 2 hr nap in the middle of nowhere in Nevada on Highway 95.
Rested and ready to take on the rest of our journey we took off thinking that we would stop in Reno.  But as I checked the weather for our evening drive, it indicated snow, and neither one of us wanted to take on Donner Pass and putting on chains if we didn't need to.  With what hours Craig had left, we figured we could push on and make it to Dutch Flat, CA and a rest area with a few minutes to spare.
I was a bit anxious, as we went through the Truckee scales and were called in for a Level 3 inspection.  It was evident that they were calling most every truck in, and as I watched the minutes tick by, I was hoping this little stop wouldn't take away too much of Craig's time to make it to the rest stop.  Thankfully, it only took less than 10 minutes and we were on our way and safely parked with about 10 minutes to spare.

Currently, we are once again driving in the middle of the night to make it to our 4am appointment time in Pleasanton, CA.  From there we suspect we may be sent to Salinas for a load out of Fresh Express which would head us back up North, as we have requested home time on or around the 13th.  It's been over 4 months since we have been home and it is long over due for us to spend a little time there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you two got the chance to watch the super bowl. The appetizers looked pretty good :). I loved that commercial too!!!! You know me, anything with a dog lol, and that face!!! (On the dog that is.) BTW I love the last picture you posted here... the trees, the snow, nice composition. xoxo Denise


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