Thursday, February 02, 2012


It started last week, while we were in Idaho making the deliveries to the Fred Meyer Stores.  A yellow warning light on the dash lit up and taunted us.  I immediately looked it up in the owner's manual, while Craig checked the in dash computer for a readout on what the problem was, and it was determined not to be an emergency, but something that needed to be checked as soon as we could.
 That time ended up to be Monday, when we made it into the company yard in French Camp.  The truck shop  manager said they might have time to look at it Monday, (while we were busy meeting up with family and having dinner), but we didn't hold our breath that it would indeed be looked at.  The next morning, Craig checked in again, and was told to just take it down the street to the Kenworth dealership to have it looked at.
That one mile drive to their shop, along with a nice 5 hour wait in their lounge, ended up with us calling a shuttle from a local hotel to pick us up when the mechanic told us they would have to order a part.  We enjoyed being within walking distance to a fantastic sushi restaurant, and getting to sleep in the next day.  With another 4 hr wait on Wednesday, watching way too many true crime stories on the cable TV, we were finally given the keys to our repaired truck and we headed to the yard for the evening.

This morning we were up early to deliver a load of chicken wings to Foster Farms in Porterville, CA and are currently sitting at Wheeler Ridge, with our sights set on the Starbucks across the street.  Our next dispatch will have us heading to Port Hueneme to pick up some pineapples in the morning.

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