Saturday, February 05, 2011


We're home, and still trying to figure out how to get into our house, with the door to our house sitting just slightly lower than the deck, after all the snow we have had.  I've resisted Craig taking the saw to the front porch railing to create a gate, but I'm afraid the day has come, and we will soon have an alternate entry to use.  I have to admit, with an opening to the front porch, it will be a whole lot easier to unload groceries and get them into the house.
There isn't any fresh snow........yet, although there is a forecast of snow for tomorrow and Monday.  What we do have is about 8 inches of solid ice left on the ground, which makes for some trecheous walking while outside.  It didn't seem to hamper the herd of about 20 deer that came walking by our house the other evening.
I've managed to get our taxes done and filed, which I'd rather do any day, than the boat load of laundry that Craig brought home with him this time.  We have a plan of tackling that burden tomorrow afternoon, when we head over to the clubhouse to watch the Super Bowl on the big screen TV and partake in all the great food that will be there to eat.
Cori checked by the retail space on Friday, and it seems a couple of our larger items have sold out of our second space.  Thankfully, we had plenty in storage to bring out to fill in the empty spaces.  As I wrote about previously, we have quite a few pieces waiting for us when we start back up again next week, and we are excited to get busy on them.

So not much to report.  Craig continues to hope that a new truck will be waiting for him every time he returns from home time, and as the mileage continues to rapidly get higher and higher on good old truck 296.  Rumor has it that the company has ordered some new trucks, so it's just a matter of time before Craig will get to expereince that new truck smell.


all things bradbury said...

glad you're home and enjoying a few days together, dirty laundry and are home till monday too....the retail space looks great and it sounds like it continues to go well....and what about you???...just wondering what you had done at the

The Daily Rant said...

Love that whole set up with the window pane, the little lamp on the books, the candle holder...everything. It's just beautiful!


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