Monday, February 21, 2011


I attended my very first auction Sunday, spending 10 hours looking at a lot of items I would have loved to have bid on, watching and listening as the bidding went back and forth, until an eventual winning bid was placed.  Cori and I were among some of those winning bids on quite a few pieces.  It's hard not to get emotionally invested when there is an item up for bid that you really want, but then the auctioneer is talking so fast, by the time you finally raise your card, the price had risen by $10 or $15 dollars.
Such was the case with this little pig hat rack.  Cori took a liking to it, and it started out at $5 dollars, but by the time our card was flashed and acknowledged by the auctioneer, somehow it at $25 dollars before we knew it, and then we were the proud owners.  But wait until I tell you about the next item we were able to take home.
I have to tell you there were some awesome antiques up for auction, and we knew without a doubt that they would be out of our price range, and by night's end, that was indeed the case, but somehow when it came to this table and chairs, the stars must have been in alignment, because for some reason, no one bid on it.  They must have all been distracted by something, because we were able to snag this little gem for only $50 dollars.  We couldn't believe it ourselves, nor could anyone else, when they saw us standing by it at the end of the auction and wondered how they missed an opportunity to bid on it.
                    (So high out of our price range, all we could afford was to look at it and admire it)
(another piece that we admired only, too rich for our pockets)

I will admit, by the end of the 10 hours of sitting on a hard bench, I was ready to go home, but we were the highest bidders on 10 items which we were happy to bring home with us.  Well, we couldn't fit all of them in my truck for the ride home, in fact we had to bring two vehicles back to the auction house today in order to carefully cram and stuff   pack the remaining items and bring them to keep company with the over flow of furniture in need of some love in the garage.
I'm already looking forward to the next auction in March.  As I've said to Craig many times over the last couple of months....."It's a good thing we live in such a tiny house, or we'd be broke with me buying things that I've found while out treasure hunting".   Craig is always quick to agree!


Anonymous said...

Got to love that pig rack

Salena said...

What is that one piece that was too rich for your pockets? J & P Coats makes sewing thread, don't they? The name is so familiar...I think I remember seeing that on my spools of thread when I used to sew (infrequently).

Was it a thread drawer or something? It's super cool. How much was it? Or, how much did it go for?

You guys got some great stuff. I love the suitcase.


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