Friday, February 11, 2011


Cori and I have been busy completing several projects this past week.  First up remember this?
After purchasing four 6 inch legs and attaching them, it turned into a great little coffee table.  It was then painted black and we went to town giving it a distressed look.  We also added a wood applique to the front of the drawers to give it a little something to jazz up all it's boxy glory.  We were very happy with the end results.
This next project, I don't have a before picture of, but it was a frame from a mirror that used to reside on a vanity or dresser.  Cori and I thought it would make a great bulletin board, so we painted it, distressed it, and found some great material to cover a cork board with, and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. 
We did a quick little makeover on an old suitcase by spray painting it black and then doing a panel of burlap on each side.  Then we went to town doing a bit of stenciling to give it a little character and make it the perfect decorating accent in someones home.
Oh.....remember that dress form order we had from a trendy little boutique in New York City?   Here is a picture of it inside the store.  Pretty cool if I do say so myself. 
Finally, in trucking news, Craig and Roy delivered the trailer of Tyson meat to the company yard in Bloomington, CA Tuesday and then took a USF load from Fontana, CA to Spokane, WA which they delivered this morning.  They were immediately given a new assignment to pick up frozen french fries in Quincy, WA and are presently headed south, with a Monday morning delivery.

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