Saturday, February 26, 2011


Cori and I had a couple of dress form orders come in early this week, and on Thursday, when the dress forms arrived we went to work, first on a style we have done previously using sheet music.  When that was completed by Friday morning, we started on a totally new design for the second custom order.  This one entailed using material and a vintage crochet embellishment down the front.
We really were venturing down new territory with the new design, but like the designers on Project Runway, we just jumped right in, creating a pattern for future orders, and by Friday night, the dress form was almost completed.  All we had to do this morning was apply the graphic artwork and a final coat of glazing with just a touch of metallic added to it.  Don't you just love the porcelain black and white door knob that we found to replace the basic wood finial the dress from comes with?  There is so much about this dress form that Cori and I love.
This dress form will not have to travel far, just across the State to Olympia, WA where it will reside in a boutique jewelry store. The new owner has already named her Maebel, after her yet to be born Niece.  Every dress form we create, is a one of a kind piece of art.  I have to admit, I am totally enamored with this dress form, and have already decided that when we have the time and energy, that I will be making one very similar to this one for my very own living room. 


Anonymous said...

hi, good site very much appreciatted

Anonymous said...

Maebel is WONDERFUL!!!! You two are quite the pair!!!
I love her! Denise


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