Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Cori and I have finally started taking pieces of furniture from our stack in the third bay of the garage, afterall, they have been left there neglected while newer pieces captured our attention.  But we couldn't let this little gem be ignored any longer.  We drug it out from the pile and gave it a good cleaning, then stood back and let it speak to us.  What did it say?  Not a darn thing......so we had to come up with something ourselves.
We decided it needed a lighter color, and a nice cream color it was painted along with a light distressing, but it needed a touch of something else to let it really shine.  So we went to the fabric store and found this black and cream fabric and decided to cover the front of the drawers with it, and then paint the hardware black....and with that, this little beauty was born.
We couldn't stop with just the drawers, so we took a little wood base lamp I had picked up at the thrift store last week, and painted it black.  Then with one of our spare lamp shades we have on had, Cori covered it in the same fabric that we covered the drawer fronts with and finished it off with some ribbon on the top and bottom of the shade.  But we couldn't stop there, and having a vision of our "time worn" collection of this past summer, we adhered an old pocket watch onto the front of the lamp.  We think it turned out just great!
Cori and I spent almost four hours this afternoon, rearranging and putting out new items in both of our spaces at the consignment store.  Some items were put back into storage and some were destined to be revamped or donated.  We were amazed at just how much product we have in both spaces, and hope that in the last two weeks of the month, we can generate some sales.
In trucking news, the weekend had Craig and Roy sitting idle from late Saturday night to early Monday morning, where they delivered a load of bananas in Clackamas, OR at the Fred Meyer DC.  Then it was off to Salem, OR to pick up some cooking oil and transport it to the company yard in French Camp, CA.  They have been there since late Monday night waiting on a team load to be delivered to them there, where they will take it the rest of the way into Phoenix, AZ by tomorrow afternoon.

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