Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ten years ago, on this day, Craig and I were standing on the 10th fairway on a golf course in Carmel, CA at sunset, as the last group of golfers were playing through.  There was a little pond nearby with ducks waddling around, and with no one but the minister, the hotel event coordinator as our witness, and a photographer, we pledged our love for each other and vowed to remain together for the rest of our lives.

I think I speak for Craig too, when I say that the rest of our lives will never be long enough, as we have found in each other the person who brings out the best that we each have to offer.  We truly are each other's best friend, and I can attest to the fact, that no one makes me laugh, and enjoy life more than my husband.

It was a leap of faith, ten years ago, only knowing each other for a few weeks before saying "I Do's", but as I have said before, back then I couldn't find anything wrong with him, and that statement stands true ten years later.  He is an original, walk to the beat of your own drum kinda guy, and his love of all things adventurous has certainly helped me step outside my safe little world I had built around me, and opened up my life to new discoveries and journeys which we have taken to create some great memories together.

I know he knows this, but my love for him goes beyond measure and grows each day.  I'd marry him again in an instant, as my life has been the richer for having had the privilege of being his wife.  To quote Paul Child who said this very thing to Julia........"You are the butter to my bread, you are the breath to my life."  Happy Anniversary Craig..... I love you to the moon and back again.


Mom said...

A good marriage is a beautiful thing. Congratulation to you both.

all things bradbury said...

congratulations craig and diane!..
and here's to at least a hundred more!!!

june in florida said...

You did it the best way, find a friend and marry them.Happy anniversary and many more.

The Pigglet said...

Wow. That is one lucky husband you have there. To have a beautiful and loving wife, who can be your best friend, some one to tell all his hopes and dreams to. Maybe Evan to tell a funny story to, that may not be all that funny. I bet you laugh anyway.

If you are wondering if he knows how lucky he is to be married to you, I can guarantee he does. He thinks about how lucky he is every day. I bet his dream is to have it last forever.

Happy anniversary Sugar. Love you more than anything. See you in a couple weeks.

.P.S. Looking forward to that romantic anniversary dinner at Panda Express when I get Walla Walla.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to both you and Craig.


Anonymous said...
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DIANE said...
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