Monday, January 31, 2011


As Craig and I countdown the days until we go home, he is busy making those up and down Interstate 5 runs from Washington and California.  They delivered the USF load to Tacoma Sunday morning, and by 11am Sunday afternoon, they had a full trailer of water to be delivered to the CostCo in Mira Loma tomorrow morning.  Then it looks like one more run north, and I'll be waiting for him at the company yard in Spokane bright and early Thursday morning to enjoy four days at home together.

In the mean time, Cori and I have been busy.  Our storage area at the store is beginning to get quite full with items we have completed and are ready to be staged in our retail spaces.  Seems the end of the month, and possibly tax time has slowed down the movement of merchandise at the store, but we are hopeful with the beginning of the month, that it will turn around a bit, as we are anxious to be able to display our newest pieces.
This little gem we found way back in October, with many years of dirt, spiders, and dust bunnies all over it and inside the cubbies.  I spent about two hours scrubbing away at it until it's true beauty was able to be seen.  We're not sure what it was originally, but we put four stubby legs on it to raise it off the floor, and we think it would make a great addition to anyone's home that has a love of all things old.
 Here is a large plastic picture frame that we picked up for a couple of dollars and proceeded to do the same painting technique on it as we did the large mirror frame.  We decided to turn it into a chalkboard and loved the way the details on the frame pop after glazing it.
We had a good weekend picking up some great furniture in need of some TLC and a makeover.  This dresser is one solid piece of work, and very heavy.  We're thinking of doing a fun technique on those side panels to give this piece a new look.
And this piece?  We were told it was a box someone built to place a chair upon in order to make it easier to get up and out of the chair.  We see it as a great coffee table, especially with four new legs attached, and those drawers for storage and the area below the drawer just great for magazines.  We have another new idea to try on this one and can't wait to start on it.  I'll be sure to post pictures of these once we are done.
So enough with the furniture makeovers, because this morning I am off to the hair salon where I think a new makeover just might be in store for me.  Wish me luck!

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all things bradbury said...

love the blue cabinet....i think it would make an excellent kitchen island/work table....lots of drawers for knives and other utensils.....lots of storage for baking supplies, etc.....could maybe even add towel bars and/or a spice rack to the ends...


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