Thursday, March 03, 2011


Remember this dresser?  We got it at the church sale.  A well built dresser out of actual natural wood, not those wood manufactured products of particle board or pressed board.  This dresser would be steak, compared to the ones you buy at the big box stores, which for this analogy we will call spam. 
Always trying to do something a little unexpected, we played off the two recessed panels on the sides of this dresser and decided to cover them in some coordinating fabrics.  Then, just to add a little surprised, we coverd one of the drawers in fabric as well.  Hopefully someone will take a liking to it as much as we do, once we take it to the store tomorrow.
The crowning acheivement this week so far, has been the transformation of this china cabinet, from it's former life, to it's new updated look.  The only before picure I have is with all the doors and hardward missing, but I think you can get the idea of what it looked like.  We purchased this back in December, and it is by far the biggest piece we have worked on.
We knew we wanted to make it lighter, and in a cottage style, so we painted it cream, but added a bit of unexpected and painted the back wall teal.  We think it adds just the right amount of "pop" to the piece, and doesn't the brown accent pieces we added to stage it look grand?  Although you can't really see it from the pictures, but up close, it has a light distressing along all of the detail lines.  The hardware was also changed out and replaced with vintage crystal knobs.
Now we have the job of trying to load this hutch into a vehicle and transporting it to our retail space.  We'll definitely need a little more man power than what Cori and I have together.  Thank goodness Cori's husband will be able to help us tomorrow afternoon.  Now we just have to make sure we make room for it in one of our two spaces and stage it again for the big weekend crowds.

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