Saturday, January 15, 2011


If I had to rate how our new year is going, with Craig driving team, and I staying off the truck to work on starting a business with Cori, on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it a 8.  The only thing that is stopping it from being a fantastic 10 is that I miss my husband and being on the truck with him.  The upside is Craig coming home every 4 weeks, and not only does he get to do what he loves, (driving truck), but I also get to do something I love, scouring thrift stores and yard sales for treasures to repurpose and  sell.  Still.....for the record..... I really really miss being with him, and thank goodness for cell phones!

After delivering the bananas in Clackamas, OR, they picked up a load heading to Phoenix, AZ with seven deliveries on it.  With the driving hours they had available, they would be about 4 hours shy of being able to make the first delivery on time, and when they informed dispatch of that information, they got the canned response of ....."just do the best that you can".  All righty then, full steam ahead, and it worked out that when they left Clackamas, Craig would do a 34 hour restart on his hours, with them sitting in Corning, CA for a few hours until he could start driving again.

Once they got to Phoenix, AZ and made the deliveries, then Roy would do a 34 hour restart on his hours as they waited for a load out of Tolleson, AZ at the Sara Lee Plant.  Craig left last night around 9pm and drove to the company yard in Bloomington, CA where Roy would take over with fresh hours this morning at 8am.  When I talked to Craig he was more than ready to take to his bed and get some well deserved sleep.  If they keep this load, they would deliver Monday  morning,  however, they will be in Clackamas by 5am Sunday morning, so we'll see what the weekend dispatcher has in store for them.

Cori and I have been busy ourselves.  We finally got to work on a piece of furniture that had been in the garage for almost 3 months.  This is what it looked like before:
It was pretty beat up on the sides, with the bottom sides breaking away, so we really couldn't do anything to repair it, so we went to our old friend Mr. Burlap, and covered the sides and did a striping technique on it using the same copper metallic paint we used to paint the dresser.  I think it turned out great, and it now resides at our retail space ready to be taken to a new home.

Oh, see that little footstool next to the dresser?  I don't have a before, but all I had to do to that was do a little brightening of the wood with some Restor-a-finish, and then stencil some burlap and recover the hideous fabric that was on it, and it now has a new lease on life.  If you haven't caught on yet, I have a think for little footstools like that.  I just can't seem to pass one by without buying it and making it over.

Cori and I have about 5 little projects in the garage to finish up this weekend to take to the store on Tuesday, before we start on two very big pieces, a china hutch and that table and chairs we recently purchased at the church sale.  Yep, I sure do miss my husband, but being able to pass the time between him coming home with hunting for bargain finds and then repurposing them is just what the doctor ordered.

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Barb said...

You have a wonderful gift for refinishing furniture. I love both the dresser and the footstool. Are you left-handed by any chance? Most artistic people are left-handed you know!



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