Friday, January 07, 2011


One of the great things about Craig doing team driving, is when home time ends, we are just 28 days away from another set of days off to enjoy at home.  Much different from when we would be gone for 8-9 weeks as a solo driver before taking just a couple of days off.  Already we are doing the countdown to home time, which coincidentally will fall on Super Bowl weekend.  How great is that?  We'll get to partake in all the festivities that are planned at the club house with all of our neighbors who love to live in our little winter wonderland of snow we call home.

Craig and Roy were given the assignment of picking up almost 45,000 pounds of frozen french fries in Quincy, WA Wednesday morning.  They switched up the driving times with Craig doing the night driving this time out, so Roy started out this leg of the trip, with Craig taking over around midnight.  The weather cooperated, and all that Craig had to deal with were some icy patches on Highwy97, which were dramatically different from their trip on that road, where as Craig described it, "it was like being on an ice skating rink".

Since the french fries didn't deliver until Saturday, they dropped the trailer at the company yard in Bloomington last night, and this morning finds them driving to San Diego to pick up a load of bananas.  But that trailer will also find itself dropped at the company yard as they will be sitting in Fontana, CA tonight awaiting a USF Reddawy load which will take them to Spokane, WA by Sunday morning.

I made a safe journey down to Walla Walla on Wednesday, enduring a couple of patches of light snow falling.  Cori and I have been busy organizing or new partnership and we even got one project done yesterday, a nice little table and chairs which we picked up for a steal at the local church sale.  We were so excited to start, that no before pictures were taken, but I'll be sure to take some pictures of it staged in our retail space today.

In other news, did anyone play the Mega Millions on Tuesday?  Craig and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play, which we rarely do, but I think our instincts were right on this one, since both winners of that 355 million dollars live within 100 miles of us.  We managed to be one number either higher or lower off from the winning numbers on one of our plays.  So close, but so so far away.  Oh well, there's always next time!

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Go Hawks all the way to the Super bowl


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