Friday, January 21, 2011


My business partner Cori put out a Craig's List ad looking for old doors and windows recently, and while out and the other day, received a phone call from Vicky.  Seems she and her husband Stanley, had a couple of doors that had been taken out of their home years ago, and that their home was really old.  That piqued our interest, so we made a date to drive to Grandview, WA, (about 90 miles from Walla Walla), to pay her and Stanley a visit.
You know you are at the right place, when you pull into the driveway full of boats and vehicles, and spy an old bathtub just sitting in their backyard with a bunch of other junk treasures.  Vicky was at our door so quickly greeting us, it was as if they haven't had many visitors lately.  She told us coffee was ready for us inside, and quickly showed up to an old shed where come to find out, the doors had been laying idle for many years.
We had to crawl under a cross beam, and lean over an old motorcycle in an attempt to get the door up and out of the shed.  With some effort, and a bug or two helping along the way, we managed to get the two doors out and into our vehicle.  We were ushered inside where coffee and pastries were offered to us by our hosts as we sat back and listened to them try and out talk each other for our attention.  We enjoyed our visit, all the while surveying our surroundings, and couldn't help but notice the table they used to roll their own cigarettes, and the bird called "Cupid" who had pecked away half of his wing because he was so lonely without a mate.
Do I need mention that there was also two Chihuahuas running around under foot?  But while we were there, we were also offered the option to buy an old Cape Cod 1/2 gallon cooler that was in pristine condition, which we accepted, but couldn't help but notice an old vintage doll in the corner, with the most sinister looking face I have ever seen.  Stanley said the doll looked just like the ex-mayor of the city and never failed to mention it to him when he stops by.
We had quite an adventure on our first real picker road trip, with many stories to tell about Vicky and Stanley.  We're happy to say we have another picker road trip in the works within the next couple of weeks with a guy who has a whole barn full of stuff for us to look at.  He has even sent us pictures and we are very excited about the prospects of that trip.  This time of year, when yard sales are non existent, you really have to be creative to find what you are looking for and be ready to meet a character or two along the way.

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Linda said...

Sounds like you are having a blast picking and repainting.I bet you don't miss the road but do miss your hubby. Be safe have fun!
Linda Seattle, WA


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