Tuesday, January 04, 2011


You would think that once the Federal Government has taken your fingerprints once before, (only a little over a year ago), they wouldn't need to take them again, but oh wait, it is a way for them to get money from you, so I guess that makes sense in their world.  A couple of months ago, Craig had to have his fingerprints taken again in order for him to get his hazmat endorsement on his commercial license.  We waited patiently for the letter that confirmed he was not a security threat, and this morning we made our way into the Department of Licensing for him to take his test.

He paid his money, and was directed into the testing area where several computers were waiting, and sat down at his assigned one.  A short time later, I see him back at the counter, and happen to be able to ease drop on some of his conversation with the clerk.  Seems she entered the wrong test on his computer, and he ended up taking the 50 questions commercial license test, (which he passed by the way), instead of the 30 question hazmat exam.  So with an apology, he was sent back in to take the proper test.

Needless to say, he passed!  He got to have his picture taken, thankfully I had just cut his hair earlier in the morning, (or maybe it was a bad thing, we'll have to see how the picture turns out),  and was sent out the door with his new endorsement on his license.  We were especially happy about this, as it adds an additional 2 cents per mile to every mile that Craig and Roy drive, regardless if it is hazmat or not.   Not too shabby a deal in my book.

In the morning we will drive into the company yard where we will part ways for the next four weeks with Craig taking to the road he loves to drive, and I making my way to Walla Walla to jump back into our vintage finds and furniture restoration business.  As I type this entry, it has begun to snow for the first time since we have been home.  A fitting end to our relaxing home time.


The Daily Rant said...

Isn't that something else? I think I paid something like $90 for my hazmat prints. I took my hazmat and doubles/triples endorsements the same time I did my CDL.

Do you guys have your TWIC cards? That's another $100 for more fingerprints. You'd think all these agencies would share the information?? What crap.

Well, I'm glad he passed the test. Yay!

VBob said...

Hey, me too! On the same day even.

Yea, I'm heading back out on the road and the old blog is updated again. Now I need to catch up on yours. Glad to see your still at it. It gives me hope.



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