Saturday, November 20, 2010

WORKING IN THE DARK (hence why there are no photos lately)

We were up at 1am Friday morning, to take showers and then start our day by getting to the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, OR for our 5am delivery.  Don't know why they wanted us there at 5am, they didn't even start unloading us until 7am.  Oh well, just money in our pockets for sitting and waiting.  Can't complain too much, other than the whole sleep issue thing.

We sent in our empty call, and should have known better than to leave the premises, because as soon as we got down the road to the K-Mart to park, we got the news to drop the trailer back at Fred Meyer for a nice overnight drive to Idaho.  Back we went, dropped the trailer, and then bob tailed back to the parking lot of K-Mart, where we did a little shopping.  We basically had the store to ourselves, as it was still pretty early, and the employees were all having a meeting.

We tried to get some sleep on and off during the day, before our 10 hour break was up, and I think I managed an hour before we had to head back to pick up our loaded trailer.  It had been raining on and off all day, so we were wondering if we would be getting any snow going over cabbage outside of Pendleton.  With a stop in Troutdale, OR for fuel, we were off on Interstate 84, where we noticed the temperature dropping to as low as 23, but did not see a snowflake until we hit our first delivery stop in Nampa, ID at about 5am.

It was two hours ahead of schedule, but they were ready and waiting for us, and we were in and out in record time and onto our last stop in Garden City, ID about 22 miles away.  Just like our first stop, we were way ahead of schedule, but they unloaded us quickly, and we were headed to the TA truck stop in Boise to get some much needed sleep.

We had already been given our next assignment, to dead head to Wallula, WA for a load of meat on Sunday afternoon.  That meant, barring any pressing weather related issues which would make us leave earlier than we wanted to, we would be able to get somewhat normal sleep tonight, after a 3 hour power nap.  The meat load, with 5 stops, the first in Post Falls, ID, then ending with Salt Lake City, will most likely be handed over to another driver at the Company yard in Spokane, as Craig has requested a couple of days of home time.  We'll see just how well that all works out come tomorrow!

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snow here in the pacfic north west and cold


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