Monday, November 01, 2010


We couldn't get any TV reception to watch the World Series last night in Livingston, CA at the Foster Farms facility, so we had to watch for updates on the computer......definitely not as fun as watching the action live, but the Giants won, and we're not complaining.  What we could complain about is the driver that dropped the dirty trailer at Foster Farms, which delayed our load getting onto the trailer by over two hours, and then the trailer they did load, had a tire that was so bad,  it would have never have passed an inspection.
By the time we scaled, and had the tire replaced, we were 5 hours behind schedule, and would not be able to make our first appointment.  If Customer Service can change the appointment, without effecting the other two drops on this load, we may just be able to keep it.  What isn't so great, is driving until 1am tonight.  Thank goodness for Diet Mt Dew!
As we approached Stockton, we saw warning signs of an accident ahead, and once again, we were delayed as we inched our way, with the backed up traffic, pass the accident scene.  At this point we really can't afford to have any more glitches along our route.  We did an Indy 500 pit stop for fuel and Mt Dew in Corning, CA at the TA truck stop, and were back on the road in record time.  We will use up just about every minute of Craig's driving hours to get us into Rice Hill, OR late tonight.  We'll have to wait to hear in the morning if we will continue with this load with a later delivery, or swap out with another driver. 
On a very happy note.....the Giants win the World times in our truck tonight!.

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Pat said...

Congrats on the Giants victory.


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