Monday, November 15, 2010


I should have known better than to even write down what a great load assignment we had, because jinx myself I did.  We had a restful sleep, or should I say Craig did, as I had a battle with a rattle from the reefer going on most of the night, that kept me tossing and turning.  Never could figure out exactly where it was coming from, because no matter where I placed my hand it would stop for about 45 seconds and then start up again.  Anyway, back to Sunday.

We took off from the Pilot Truck Stop in Dunnigan, CA and was bebopping up Interstate 5 when Craig's phone starts ringing.  We both looked at each other and knew exactly what was going to happen.  Sure enough, we're told to head back to Dunnigan and wait for a driver that was on his way there from Weed, CA.  We did the math and figured it was going to take him over 3 hours to get there, so we kicked back and do what we do best........wait.

The other driver arrives around 10am and we go about swapping trailers and handing off paperwork.  We inherited a trailer full of meat to take right back down to Vernon where we were just at on Friday. We drove as far as Wheeler Ridge, CA where we stopped for the night and awoke this morning to take showers and do battle with the LA Monday morning commute.  It took a lot longer this morning than it did on Friday to get into Vernon, but we were still about an hour early for our appointment so we hung out for awhile before checking in.

Once we actually got to the receiver, we found a security guard who took our paperwork, had us write down our phone number, then promptly sent us off the property to go find a parking space on the street somewhere.  Thankfully in Vernon, that isn't too terribly hard to do, and we have been waiting ever since.  It's now starting our third hour of waiting to be called to a dock, with no signs of us getting unloaded any time soon.   Guess it's time to start that new book!

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