Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After surviving my little spin out and getting the truck safely home, I snuggled up warm and cozy at home, and watched as blizzard warnings were being flashed across my television screen for Tuesday evening and into Wednesday morning.  Growing up in California, blizzards only happened when you were lucky enough to be treated at the local Dairy Queen, with the white fluffy stuff that was sweet and tasty, not the fluffy stuff that seemed to continually fall from the sky with blustery winds.

But I was safe and warm inside, but not so much my husband who was valiantly, along with Roy, trying to make the meat deliveries during some pretty adverse conditions.  Craig said the drive into Helena, Montana wasn't too bad, some patchy, icy roads, but all in all pretty mild stuff.  Then, after the delivery, as they headed into Billings for their next stop, it got progressively worse.  They cautiously drove on through blowing snow, low visibility, and icy roads, and succeeded in making the delivery.

I wish I could say the same for their last stop in Salt Lake City.  It is due to be delivered at 10:30am today, but Craig and Roy, along with hundreds of other trucks, are stalled on Highway 20 in Idaho, since 7pm last night, where they have been shut down with the road being closed.  Over the past five years of driving truck, we have come close to being stranded on the road with highway closures, but have either just gotten through before the closing, or have made it into a truck stop.

I know they have plenty of food and water on board, along with the help of the APU to keep them warm and cozy inside the truck, but as far as making the delivery today?  Odds are they won't, but my hope is that they at least get moving and into Utah where they can be at a truck stop and try to make the most of what will definitely be a Thanksgiving we will remember for years to come.

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Pat said...

Hope you are both staying safe. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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