Tuesday, November 09, 2010


What is so great about this load we got yesterday morning, is that at Regional Western Delivery Service in Fullerton, it is a drop/hook situation, plus they let you stay on their property to sleep if you need to.  We would in fact be needing to since we started yesterday at 4:30am and would have to be on the road by 10pm.  That meant parking and trying to grab a few hours of sleep while trucks and trailers were being moved back and forth in their yard.  It's the usual game, trying to sleep when you're not tired, and yadda yadda yadda...... but just knowing we had a place to park and put in our 10 hour break was a blessing.
By 9:30pm we were hooking up to our trailer and heading towards Tracy.  Thankfully while at one of our earlier drops, a driver asked me if we listened to audio books and if we wanted to swap.  He had a Tom Clancy audio book and I knew right away that would be one that Craig would be interested in.  So I swapped out three of ours for three of his, and Craig had something to keep his interest while he drove through the night.
Once we arrived in Tracy at 5am, we were unloaded immediately, then parked in their lot to await the office crew to arrive.  Long about 7am we got the word to head to Salinas, CA to drop the trailer at Fresh Express, and we are currently enroute there now.  I won't be predicting when we'll get our new assignment, but I am hoping we don't hear anything until tomorrow afternoon.......We sure could use a good night's sleep!


Pat said...

maybe you should have an audio books sticker on your truck to let others know you'll swap. Make sense to save that money, instead of collecting too many AB's. Are there Redbox's in the truck stops?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

I know the Petro in Spokane has one, so there must be others as well. We have jetflicks on Craigs DROIDX and we see all the TV we would want on that.


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