Monday, November 08, 2010


We've had a great couple of days since picking up this load in Wallula, WA on Friday morning.  With a nice paced delivery schedule we drove into La Pine, OR by 4pm Friday evening.  Then on Saturday we stopped in Corning, CA for fuel, grabbed us a Subway sandwich to share, and was comfortably in the company yard in French Camp at 3pm.  That set us up nicely for our delivery in Newark, CA at 6am Sunday morning.

We have been to Western Food Products in Newark several times before.  It's an easy off and on the freeway kinda place.  We only had to wait a short time before getting into one of their three docks, and it took only an hour to get their portion of the load off the trailer.  Our next stop would be Santa Nella, CA for a Starbucks stop.  My iced latte never tasted so good!  With drinks in hand, the rest of our journey was a piece of cake into Wheeler Ridge and the Petro Truck stop for fuel.

Since we were there at 1pm, we took showers, started a a couple of loads of laundry, and treated ourselves to some soup and salad.  Just what the overcast, drizzly day called for.  While the clothes were drying, we caught the last 90 minutes of a movie playing in the driver's lounge.  Then it was off to relax a few more hours before grabbing some sleep for this morning's deliveries.

After making our way through LA commute traffic, we found ourselves way ahead of schedule, so we pulled into our not so special or secret parking place in Vernon, the one where last December we got a parking ticket for staying there between 2am and 4am, but it suited us to wait out the hour until our appointment time at Randall Foods two miles away.

I have to say, of all the hole in the wall places we have delivered to in Vernon, it sure was nice to have a place with ample parking for the trucks staged to get unloaded, and plenty of room for backing into the docks.  A two hour stop there, and then it was off to our final delivery at Pilot Dist. about 2 miles away.  When we drove by this place early this morning, there were several trucks crammed into their small lot, but we were happy to see we would be the only ones there when we arrived at 10am.

This place had us unloaded so quickly, we were in and out in under 20 minutes and thinking that we would have the rest of the day sitting at the yard in Bloomington, especially with only 3 hours left of drive time for the day.  But wouldn't you know it, the QualComm started beeping and we are sent 25 miles away to Fullerton, CA for an overnight load into Tracy, CA at 5am tomorrow morning.  So much for that back to normal driving thing!

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