Saturday, September 18, 2010


I really didn't have a heat index leg to stand on while talking to Craig earlier today on the phone.  Here I was going on and on about how hot it was in Walla Walla, Wa (in the 80's), and how much cooler it was at home in Usk, WA (in the 60's), when he sends me a picture of just how hot is was in Arizona today.....118 degrees.  He definitely trumped me and put an end to my complaining as I lounged on the couch in the air conditioned cottage I'm staying at.  ahem......moving on shall we?
I'm beginning to think that Craig is on track to be in possession of every single trailer in the fleet in need of new tires.  He is on a roll lately, or is it just that he and Roy are some of only a few drivers that actually check tires?  You have to wonder, since once again, two tires on the trailer needed to be replaced.  So after leaving Tonopah, AZ, they headed to the company yard in Phoenix and had the tires in question replaced, then spent some time working on Roy's backing skills.  About an hour out from their appointment time, they headed over to the Fred Meyer DC in Phoenix and delivered the juice.
They had been given a pre plan to pick up a meat load at Sara Lee in Tolleson, but after receiving a phone call from dispatch, the assignment was tweaked just a little bit.  They still were going to Sara Lee and picking up the pre plan trailer, but would then take it only as far as the company yard in Phoenix where someone else would deliver it.  Then they were sent right back to Sara Lee to pick up another meat load which will deliver in Woodburn, OR Monday morning.  By the time they got done shuffling the trailer and hooking and unhooking, they decided to stay put in a staging area at Sara Lee until this morning.

The last time I talked to Craig, they were just hitting the California border, after once again finding not a tire issue, but an air leak on the trailer shortly after leaving the Sara Lee compound.  It was a quick fix and they were in and out of the truck stop repair bay in record time.  Craig will drive into the company yard in Bloomington, CA early this evening, and then Roy will take over the driving and most likely get them either to French Camp or Corning.  Then it will be a relatively easy day Sunday driving and staging just south of Portland, OR for their delivery on Monday.

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Pat said...

I hope the speedometer is more accurate than the temp guage. Yeah, it was hot here in AZ, but just a bit over 100.

I spent the late morning showing homes and it was wonderful. Although 80's sounds much nicer.


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