Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, if Roy wanted a taste of what team driving will be like, when he gets released from the training program and joins his Son in law out on the road, he is getting a good dose of it the last few days, and he hasn't even had to drive through the night, Craig has had that pleasure.  When they picked up the load in Clackamas, OR on Tuesday morning, the only reason the truck has stopped was to deliver at the 5 stops in Phoenix, AZ and then again late last night in Fontana, CA where they picked up a loaded trailer which is headed to Tacoma, WA by 2am Friday morning.

As I mentioned, Craig has had the job the last two nights of driving through the night, first Tuesday night, when Roy drove from Clackamas, OR to Corning, CA.  Craig took over in Corning and drove into the yard in Bloomington, CA and then Roy took back over driving into Phoenix, AZ and starting the first of the 5 deliveries.  It was during those deliveries that the pre plan started beeping, letting them know that any thoughts of sitting around and enjoying some down time would be just that....a thought, because as soon as the last delivery was completed, Craig would be taking back over and dead heading back into California and to Fontana to retrieve the loaded trailer waiting for them there.

I'm happy to report, that I received a text message this morning from Craig, stating that he made it safely into Lebec, CA this morning around 5am, where Roy took back over the driving duties again and Craig was going to try and get some sleep while he is bounced around in the bunk on pot ridden, poorly maintained Intersate 5.  I think at this point, both of them will be happy if the QualComm does not beep them today with yet another pre plan, and that when they complete the delivery very early tomorrow morning, that they can shut down and both get some quality non moving sleep.

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Pat said...

I remember taking our kids always falling asleep in their car seats when they were babies. I guess the driving motions really helped alot.

I guess it doesn't work the same way for adults in a truck?

I did see a truck pull into a Fry's in Mesa, but it wasn't green. It was too far away and I was on a tight schedule at that point to chase it down.


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