Saturday, September 25, 2010


Craig managed to get some sleep while being bounced around in the bunk Thursday morning, so he was relatively alert and awake to make the delivery in Tacoma, WA at 2am Friday morning.  Shortly after going empty, and driving about 20 miles to the company yard in Pacific, the truck was finally shut down, and both Roy and Craig enjoyed some non moving sleep without any interruptions or beeping of the QualComm.

However, upon waking and doing a routine walk around of the truck and trailer, Craig noticed a small air leak in one of the air bags on the truck.  A quick phone call into road service not only informed them to head to the TA in Aurora, OR but also gave them a hint of what was in store for their next assignment, that they would be doing a repeat of another team load out of Clackamas, OR to the Phoenix, AZ area. 

So off they headed south, first to drop their trailer at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackams, and then onto the TA truck stop in Aurora to get the air bag fixed.  With all repairs completed, they then had the rest of Friday afternoon and evening to rest and recharge, while enjoying a hot shower, a hot meal, and getting some much needed laundry done.

This morning, Craig made sure that he was the first one at the front counter in Clackams to have his pick of the four team loads that were there for picking, and pick he did.  He perused the four trips, and snagged the one with four stops and the shortest distance between those four stops, and the winning load was two stops in Phoenix, one in Tempe, and the last one in Mesa, AZ, all starting at around noon Sunday afternoon.

Although this is almost the exact same run they had earlier in the week, except for the delivery locations, they will switch it up this time with Craig starting out the driving this morning and having the daytime driving duties, and Roy will have the pleasure of driving the night shift.  Craig tells me he is getting used to the whole team driving routine, but will certainly be looking forward to returning to solo driving runs when we both return to the truck after our vacation around October 16.

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Pat said...

Is he getting more loads since they can team drive? I guess these Oregon to Arizona loads are done solely by teams. I'm reading a blog about an expedite O/O team and he says their freight numbers are way down form 2007, is that the case with you guys too?


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