Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just what the doctored ordered tonight........a nice cold one.  Okay, who am I kidding?  It was more than one, but less than four, but who's counting?  All I know is that it tasted great, and the pizza I had with it was the crowning moment, because anyone who knows me, knows just how much I love pizza!  The reason?  A full day out in my friend's garage tackling projects, of which only one of them I managed to take a "before" picture of.

Yep, that is one ugly footstool, in which someone decided it needed caster wheels on the legs, and a God awful stained fabric for the seat.  What to do, what to do.  Some light sanding, spray painting 101, a little distressing, a nice light sage green burlap purchased at the fabric store, and some stenciling, and you got yourself a fine looking new refurbished footstool for the grand total of $15.00 for the footstool, fabric, and paint.  That is what I call a successful make over.
I'm also working on a redoing some frames, four 8x10's purchased for $3.00 with non reflective glass, which will be the new home for some scenic photographs, and hung on a wall in our home once I return in October.  A stool which will get a new coat of paint, and a new padded seat, and a chalkboard with some added bling to spruce it up.  If that isn't enough, I plan on hitting some yard sales over the next three days to see what else might need a new lease on life.

As far as the travels of Craig and Roy, they spent the night in Ontario, OR Tuesday night, then drove the boring back way through Nevada yesterday, stopping in Alamo, NV for the evening Wednesday.  Tonight finds them in Tonopah, AZ where they will have until 4pm tomorrow to deliver the juice to a Fred Meyer DC in Tolleson.  Then they have a pre plan to pick up a load of meat at the Sara Lee Plant and deliver it into Clackamas, OR Monday morning.  We think from here on out, they just might be kept pretty busy, but without the benefit of a nice cold one to enjoy.


Pat said...

why is there a Fred Meyer DC in Arizona? I didn't think we had any of those stores.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Pat -

Fry's is the same as Fred Meyer up here in the north.

Anonymous said...

wonderful job on the chairs and stools due you think that you can do anything to the truck LOL

CRAIG and DIANE said...

anon -

LOL....believe me....if I could, I would do a little something something to the truck! But since the company owns it, I gotta keep my hands off. (sigh)


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