Thursday, April 03, 2008


Awaking Wednesday morning, I was looking forward to our drive through part of Yellowstone Park. We have taken this routing a few times before and knew I would have some great photo opportunities. We also had beautiful weather, clear blue skies, and roads clear of ice and snow. With the over size, we were routed around Bozeman which we were thankful for. Even with a normal load, the tiny streets of downtown, with the multitude of traffic lights, makes it difficult to maneuver.
Shortly after passing the sign saying we were entering Yellowstone, there was a new erected road sign warning us of bison on the roadway. Already my camera is at the ready, and I notice a car pulled off to the side of the road up ahead. As we get closer, I look to my right, and shout out to Craig, "Look, there is a herd of buffalo down by the river"! I quickly take aim, but as we are passing them at 60mph, I only managed to get a few of them in my frame. We made it into Idaho, where we stooped to stretch our legs and then had a debate on whether we should stop before Salt Lake City or try and make it through before rush hour. We decided on the latter, as we both did not want to have to wake up super early to beat the morning rush. So we just barely eked our way through Salt Lake City and called it a night in Payson, UT. When we got up this morning, we took showers, and upon my return to the truck, this is what I saw.
Our sights are set on Las Vegas, where we will have our last fuel stop on this run. We won't stay there, but will go to the State line at Primm, NV where there is a large shopping mall, three small casinos, but more importantly, a Starbucks! Yes, it's going to be a great day!


rosemary said...

Absolutely beautiful pics.....there is a bison farm between Sandpoint and CDA on Hwy 95.....magnificent animals. Hazy sun today...I'll take it.

Mom said...

I love Yellowstone. Thanks for the lovely pictures.


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