Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I've heard the saying hundreds of time from meteorologists who say ......."March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb", but heck, we all know they are only right half of the time. The forecast for today is either going to be partly cloudy, or partly sunny, guess it goes back to that old glass half empty debate. So when we started out yesterday from Little Falls, MN, it was anything like a lamb. The wind was blowing, the snow was falling, and the temperature was mighty cold, so much so, that when we stopped to check on the load an hour after leaving the boat plant, this is what we saw:

So much ice accumulation on the strap and ratchet you could hardly make out what it was. But as the storm headed east, and we headed west, the snow stopped falling, the wind died down, and the temperature settled in at a toasty 32. By the time we called it a day in Steele, ND the skies were clear of clouds and a soft blue.

This morning, up at sunrise, we continued our way west through North Dakota and into Montana. Although there was no precipitation, the skies were cloudy and the wind and picked up again. Along our route we spotted a little colt, who must have just got his confidence on his long, wobbly legs, as it was prancing around and around the mama horse as she proudly watched, a sure sign that Spring must be on its way.

When we stopped at a rest area to stretch our legs, I took the opportunity to take a picture of our latest load. Every time we haul pontoon boats, it always appears to me that they look like space ships on the trailer. We weren't the only ones, as we saw another driver, loaded down with pontoons, parked at the Flying J in Beach, ND. Yes, yet another sign that Spring is on its way, lazy days out on the lake on a pontoon boat, is in the future for a few lucky families.

Tonight we will make our home in Columbus, Montana, leaving us with just over 1200 miles left to our destination. We are hoping the Springlike weather will hold out, and that the lion of winter has been put to rest and the lamb of Sping is here to stay. I'll be baa baa baa back soon with another entry.

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John said...

Well, remind Craig not to make any ewe-turns on the highway. Sorry. Couldn't resist. That pun was mutton to laugh at.


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