Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Quote of the Day
"I like to think I can adapt to pretty much anything.
Except change."
I've noticed a pattern on the Blogs I read involving change. A couple of other truck drivers are going the route from company driver to lease purchase, a bit scary during these unsettling financial times, and Rosemary's granddaughter changing her hair from long to short for a great cause, Locks of Love, and then there is us. I've alluded once or twice before in my blogging about a change in our future, and we have finally decided to move onto phase two.
No, don't worry, Craig is in no way ready to give up driving his big truck, but with the purchase of the property, changing residency, and putting the final touches on the order for our park model, we thought there was no better time than now to change. So during this past week on home time, we talked and discussed and thought about our options, and with a bit of sadness, we will be saying goodbye to the boat fleet and transferring out of the marine division. Where are you going you ask? And when you say transferring, are you staying with the same Company you ponder. Let me explain.
While on the boat fleet we would stay out, by choice, up to 4 months at a time without any time off. We had no home to "go home" to, so when we did take time off we stayed with family, which in reality is just about as close to home as we have. Now with the impending delivery of our park model, we will have a home to visit and over the years being a OTR driver, (over the road, covering all 48 states and Canada), it proved at times a challenge to get home.
Craig, ever diligent in his research, checked what was available with our company that would be more regional and allow us the flexibility to be home as much as every two weeks if we wanted to. What he found was their refrigerated division called TWT which for the most part runs up and down the Interstate 5 corridor from Washington to California and even some runs into Arizona. After talking to other drivers, and management with TWT, we made the decision and today, Craig put in his official request to transfer.
Which now brings me to the hardest part of this little saga. With his two weeks notice given, and then with having to be routed to Spokane to make the change, and since we don't have the home yet in Usk, WA for me to stay in while he goes out with another driver from TWT to learn the ropes, it was decided that I would stay at my Mother's home in Modesto, until he has his new truck and starts on his own with TWT.
By now you know how we don't deal well with separation and the anxiety it brings both of us. But with stiff upper lips, we parted ways this morning, not really knowing for how long we will be separated, but also realizing that we are moving towards the next phase in our journey of life and for that we couldn't be happier. For the time that Craig is out, I will try and do my best to still blog about his travels, and pester him to try and take pictures, so that I can continue to share the adventure with you all. But rest assured, I will be counting the days until I am back again, reporting about life from the passenger seat, happily along side Craig.


rosemary said...

Oh, Diane between your birthday post and this one you made me sniffle. Time passes quickly as you well know. Think ahead to all of the fun you will have making a home, traveling and sharing it all with Craig. And, we can meet for lunch every once in awhile and share stories.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

I'll be looking forward to those very things, so clear your calendar and warn Starbucks I'm on my way!

Mom said...

Sounds like a good plan, but know you will be glad when the necessary separation has passed. In the meanwhile, make some wonderful memories with your mom and enjoy the chance to be with her. You have much to look forward to.

John said...

Once again, hoping that the changes work well for you and Craig.


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