Monday, April 07, 2008


We made it into French Camp, CA Saturday afternoon to start our week of home time. Craig's parents were generous enough to loan us their pickup to use for our travels and I had to chuckle to myself about the size difference from the Company truck to what is considered a normal size truck. Let's face it, we are comfortable in a truck no matter what size it is.

You know what else is great about a small truck? We can pull into any Starbucks we see, which we happily did as you can tell from the picture. So with hardly any time to catch our breath, we headed out to Usk, WA Sunday morning to put into motion our relocation to Washington State. We thought we would drive straight through, but called it a night in Kennewick, WA for a few hours sleep, before heading out this morning to our property.

We were able to get our P.O. Box and look at all the options available for our park model house. We walked around the property and took pictures of other houses and decking options, then took a trip into Newport, WA to the Bank to research some financing. Tomorrow we will take on trying to get Washington drivers licenses. We may run into some problems proving home ownership, but we hope the property tax bill will help in that department.

We are both tired and our brains are spent thinking about what we have done and what is still left to do. We plan on finishing up what we can do this trip Tuesday and head back to California on Wednesday.

Here is a picture of a park model that will look somewhat similar to what we are ordering, except we will have a larger loft area. Unlike the smaller truck we down sized to, this park model will be a much larger living space than what we have lived in over the past two years. Probably not what most people would consider home, but to us, this will be heaven.


rosemary said...

I think the home is lovely....When will we be neighbors? Soon? How did the banking go? Licenses? I do see a few small patches of snow....ugg.

John said...

I hope everything works out for the best for you both.

Jennie said...

Sounds lovely - new adventure!


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