Friday, June 01, 2012


The start of my 2012 Farm Chicks weekend did not start out as planned.  Yesterday, I received a phone call from one of our neighbors, who informed me that our hot water heater was spewing water out and around our the side of our home.  Certainly not the phone call you want to receive when you are 240 miles away from home. 

The aforementioned neighbor was nice enough to shut off our water and switch off the electricity to the unit before any major damage could be done.  What they couldn't shut off. was the cost of a plumber and having the hot water heater being replaced by special order and priority shipping, to keep the inconvenience of no hot water to a minimum.
So instead of having a fun pre-Farm Chicks day of thrift store shopping in downtown Spokane, Cori and I drove up to my house and met the plumber and receive the news of the untimely death of my hot water heater.  We were however, able to salvage the trip we had planned to Chaps for dinner.
Chaps has long been a haven for Farm Chick attendees, and their salvage/vintage decor did not disappoint.  The food and cocktails were also a big hit and as Cori and I finished up our meal with a very decadent dessert, we noticed the growing number of hungry customers lining up outside to begin their own dining experience.
After dinner we checked into our hotel, but only after stopping at the Safeway across the street to partake in the inaugural purchasing of  some liquor to start our weekend off.  As of June 1st, we no longer are limited to purchasing our favorite adult beverage at state run liquor stores,  The clerk even commented that it looked like it was New Years Eve with the amount of people that were purchasing alcohol today.
Safely tucked into our room, we toasted to a great weekend and ended up chatting away for 4 hours.  It's now almost midnight and time for this Farm Chick to put the chickens to bed and rest up for what will not doubt be a great day of shopping in the morning.


june in florida said...

Busted water heater is bad news, water all over the place. It happened to me and i had an on demand water heater installed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the hot water tank Once again nice pics


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