Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cori and I have been on a creative, painting, repurposing 4 day binge.  We started early last Saturday, and work 4 days straight, for 12 hours each day.  We were tired, we were sore, we went without eating a few meals, but when we were done, we had accomplished so much...... 2 coffee tables, 4 side tables, 2 benches, 4 dressers, and one sign.  Whew....just recalling all of that makes me tired.

I already showed you the license plate side tables, (which were one of my favorite things we did), so here in no particular order are some of the other fun stuff we did.

With all that work behind us, it's now time for some fun.  We are off to Spokane to spend the weekend at the Farm Chicks Show at the fairgrounds.  An added bonus will be having my cousins from California driving up to experience the show for the first time.  Here's hoping we don't end up needing bail money when the weekend is over!


june in florida said...

Fantastic, where do you get your ideas from?

DIANE said...

Some of the ideas we come up with on our own, like converting the side tables from glass to license plates, and visualizing that white coffee table with a cushion to be used as a bench.

The other stuff, we get our inspiration from out in blog land and all the creative people out there posting their great stuff.


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