Monday, June 04, 2012


It was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my cousins and best friend this morning.  What an incredible weekend we had!  The good times talking and laughing, the great meals, the huge margaritas, and need I even mention the SHOPPING?
The one thing that cheered me up on my drive home, was knowing that I would soon be placing the items purchased at Farm Chicks onto the newly repurposed dresser that I painted while at Cori's house last week. 
I couldn't be happier with the paint color of the dresser.  I took a chance using Milk Paint instead of the usual Chalk Paint we have used over the past year.  The Milk Paint is less expensive and on rough, dry wood, it achieves the perfect look for that "old as the hills/shabby chic" look we all love.  I haven't decided if i will change out the hardware yet, as I just gave what it had a coating of satin black spray paint.

Now onto the treasures I found.  First up are the above trio of vintage alarm clocks. The past 6 month, I have been searching Ebay and Etsy for these little darlings, but could never find anything for less than $25.00.  Well imagine my shock, when I happened upon these at one of the first booths we stopped at.  I could hardly contain my glee when I noticed they were marked down over 60% from the price they were selling them on Saturday.  One more great reason to shop Sunday at Farm Chicks!
My next purchase was one that did not threaten to break my piggy bank at just $1.00  It was a plastic "S" that was previously used to spell out words on an old changeable sign.  My cousins looked at me like I had two heads when I purchased it, but Cori knew instinctively, exactly how I was going to use it.
Not even a good hour into our roaming the booths, I stumbled upon this vintage black telephone, (which still works they assured me).  I fell in love immediately and knew I wanted to purchase it, but told myself to check out some more booths before jumping on it.  I didn't get but 50 feet away from it before I panicked that someone else would buy it before I returned, so I quickly made my way back to it and claimed my prize.
I was also on the hunt for a lamp shade for a vintage floor lamp I purchased during my stay in Walla Walla with Cori.  I searched most of the day and finally found this beauty, however it was being sold with a lamp I did not need.  Luckily for me, again with it being Sunday, and only a couple of hours before the end of the show, the vendor was more than willing to sell me just the shade at a price that was just right.  Now all I need is a Tomas Edison light bulb and it will be complete just as it is.
My last purchase of the day was the wire cloche, which is ttraditionally used in gardens to protect small plants from birds and other critters.  I used it to encompass my alarm clocks, plastic sign letter, and vintage wooden spool.  I think it makes a great little vignette on my new/old dresser.
This years Farm Chick experience was the polar opposite of what it was last year as vendors.  Cori and I have both said that we enjoyed the journey of what it takes to put on a show such as this, but it is way more enjoyable doing the shopping instead of the selling. 


all things bradbury said...

you did good!

Monica said...

You really got some nice treasures -- I really like the phone :)


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