Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's been wet, cold, and windy up in our little town in Northeastern Washington.  Thankfully, we both enjoy that kind of weather, and with Craig back out on the truck for another four weeks, I found myself with time to start on a couple of projects I've had tucked within the recesses of my brain.
Since bringing home my latest beauty, (the distressed dresser in the living room), and placing all my lovely Farm Chicks finds on it, I thought it could use a little something.  With plenty of burlap on hand, I thought I would made a runner for it, and embellish it with crochet doilies and a handmade burlap rosette.
First order of business was to decide just how long I wanted it to be, as I wanted the doily to hang just over the edge of the dresser.  Next I had to cut the round doily in half and seal the cut edge.  After ironing a seam around the cut burlap, I glued the doily to the runner with fabric glue and hot glued the burlap rosettes on.  I think it turned out pretty good.
Second up on my list of craft projects to start was some wood scrabble tiles.  I had Craig cut them for me out of some scrap wood he had in our shed before he left home.  I then painted them white, pressed on some vinyl letters and numbers, and then painted them again with black paint.  After they were dried, I peeled off the vinyl and viola!  I had a long skinny section in our bathroom that was just screaming out for something special, and I think these scrabble tiles fill the void quite nicely.

Of course a day of crafting, especially with a hot glue gun, wouldn't be complete without a blister, and I did not disappoint the blister trolls.  I looking forward to a quick healing so that I can jump back into a few other projects that are just crying out to be completed.


Anonymous said...

Looks good and the thumb too

all things bradbury said...

lovin the vintage blocks!..what a neat idea for filling in any space that needs "something"....all your projects are always so cute!


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