Friday, February 29, 2008


You remember me mentioning in my last entry how I was so looking forward to our next assignment, which was over sized? Let me tell you my little tale. We had a peaceful night's rest at the closed down Bayliner Plant in Salisbury, MD Wednesday night, and awaited the opening of the gate so that we could get our next load. We knew it was going to be a tight fit, and hat's off to the two lone loaders left at the plant, in using every spare inch of room they had on our trailer getting these two boats loaded, which Craig and I affectionately called our whales. Meet Humpty and Dumpty.

With the delay of our trailer getting fixed, we were behind the eight ball to make this delivery, given the fact that it was, as you can see, over sized, we had to deal with permits and restricted travel times, and we knew Mother Nature was coming for a visit. We didn't even leave Maryland until 10:30am, but enjoyed the scenic ride from Maryland into West Virginia and our first spotting of snow we have had in a long time. As the sun slowly set into the west, we had to call it a night just as we crossed into Pennsylvania from West Virginia.

Up this morning, we tuned into The Weather Channel, and watched as the storm cell was approaching right where we needed to be. If it got too bad, with the restrictions of the oversize, we feared we would have to shut down and not make our delivery for today. But a little good luck and some good planning, and although we did run into snow on the Ohio Turnpike, we didn't deem it so bad as to pull over and stop. So onward we went, counting down the miles until we could finally get Humpty and Dumpty off our trailer.

We pulled into the dealership at 2pm EST, well before their cut off time they gave us, but not early enough to be at our next dispatch in Bucyrus, OH to load before the weekend. As Humpty and Dumpty were slowly extricated from our trailer into their new surroundings, both Craig and I sighed a sigh of relief that another load was delivered safely. The only thing left to do was find a place for us to stay for the weekend, and therein lies the end of my whale of a tale.


John said...

If you're sitting in Bucyrus for the weekend, you are about 15 minutes from my house. we live in Galion. If you need some help finding anything, let me know. Have fun. There's a Wal-mart on the east end of town on Mansfield road and there's a so-so Chinese buffet place within walking distance of the Wal-mart. Are you at Baja?

CRAIG & DIANE said...

John -

Yes, we will be picking up 5 Baja boats on Monday morning. We plan on going into town on Sunday and finding the WalMart, especially if we can drop our trailer somewhere. Thanks for the info!


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