Sunday, February 24, 2008


Where do you go for a good old southern style Sunday supper? The Cracker Barrel of course. When we arose this morning we decided to get the truck and trailer washed and move about 30 miles down Interstate 40 to a Pilot truck stop which is close to the Brunswick boat plant. An even better reason to move there was that we both knew there was a Cracker Barrel restaurant right across the street. Ever since my first experience at their establishment in Illinois, I have been hankering to get to go there again, and what better time than Sunday afternoon for supper?

There were no choice to be made on what to eat once we saw the Sunday Fried Chicken Special that was on the menu. This is the type of chicken that takes you back to your younger days, when "fried" was not a dirty word, and Grandma cooked it up in a black cast iron skillet. Where the coating was crispy and the chicken tender and juicy. Mashed potatoes, corn, corn bread, and sweet tea rounded out the meal. We couldn't help but smile and reminisce about great meals from our childhood.

When we had finished our meal, we had no choice but to finish our meal by sharing a piece of Coca Cola cake and home made vanilla bean ice cream. Yum Yum...... As we made our way cautiously back across the street, we couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon...... now if only we liked NASCAR our Southern experience would have been complete.


John said...

Cracker Barrel was the place to go when I was driving tour buses. get them little old ladies in that store and then sit them down for a big meal. They'd be in there forever and when they got back on the coach, the next two hours was as quiet as a church mouse. Plus they feed the driver for free. Wish they had truck parking though. Probably better that they don't right now.

Anonymous said...

Your Sunday dinner reminds me of the one I had every Sunday growing up.

The only thing missing was the black eyed peas!

Mom said...

Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite eateries too. Not too many healthy options there, but oh so very yummy.

Just me-Jerri said...

Were you actually able to leave the store without any samplings of the goodies you can find in there? My kids love the old fashioned candies. Like the candy dots on paper, wax bottles with that sweet syrup inside, blackjack gum , wax lips and the candy cigarettes too. Novelty candy these days but years ago it was the standard "junk".
also all those old toys and the country gadgets galore ...

RickLynn said...

Two more locatons for your notes:
Cracker Barrel's with next door truck parking at...

I-30 EX 78 in Arkansas
I-35 EX 137 in Oklahoma

Still chasing you across this great Nation

Rick and Belinda

Anonymous said...

Boy you make me homesick for Knoxville. And Cracker Barrel


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