Tuesday, February 19, 2008


One of the things I love best about starting our day driving in the early morning, is watching the sunrise, a fresh start to a new day, and the many possibilities for something great to happen. You also get the chance, every once in awhile, to see a hot air balloon, gently floating in the quiet of the early morning mist. Craig and I had the opportunity to go on a hot air balloon ride for our first anniversary, and it was something I will never forget, and something that I would want to do again.

We spent a leisurely drive on Sunday going down Interstate 5, with a stop to get the truck and trailer washed, and another stop at a Starbucks, that to my excitement, had convenient truck parking. We rolled into a truck stop in Fowler, CA for the night. We had planned it that way, since Craig's parents live just a few miles away in Selma. We called them Monday morning, and were able to spend part of the day with them, and the other part catching up on our laundry and replenishing some supplies at the local Wal Mart.

Up before the sunrise this morning, we took off for Visalia to pick up the boat going back to the Sea Ray plant in Tennessee. Arriving before the employees, we went about getting the straps out and putting up some framework for the boat. The sun was just rising and peeking out from the hazy sky as Craig was busy at work. When the employees arrived, we had the boat loaded, secured, and the paperwork signed in under an hour. We really needed to get an early start as we are aiming for a delivery in Tennessee by Friday, about 2300 miles away.

It seems we have retraced our recent routes quite a bit lately, and we found ourselves on Highway 58 again, headed towards Barstow and the connection to Interstate 40, which will be the only Interstate we will be on, all the way to Tennessee. Driving back through the desert, and past the city of Mojave, you begin to see the Joshua trees. It reminded me of the U2 album of the same name, and one of my favorite songs. But unlike the band and the song, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", Craig and I have found what we are looking for. A lifestyle that affords us the opportunity to see things and experience life out on the road, and for now it's suits us perfectly, that is, until it is time to look for something else.


Anonymous said...

I guess you could also say life is a highway

rosemary said...

I want to ride it all night long.....sorry, just couldn't resist.

Jennie said...

Wow, you've found what you are looking for, that's wonderful, I don't hear that often! We got my parents a balloon ride for their 25th. They loved it too.

John said...

Just wanted to say I'm still enjoying your writing and pics. I like reading your blog, very little negativity there and I think that's what we all need. More Positivity?


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