Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We made it almost 500 miles before we stopped for the night in Seligman, AZ at a little gas station with a large dirt lot to park in. Inside the store, Craig was able to purchase a classic Route 66 t-shirt for his travel collection of appareal. As you travel this area you see the crumbling stone and wood ruins of past businesses that once lined the famed Route 66, the ghosts of a by gone time in history, when getting your kicks on Route 66 was the thing to do. But that doesn't stop the businesses remaining in trying to keep the nostalgia of that era alive by selling souvenouirs. Always happy to help the local commerce, we were more than happy to oblige them with our purchase.

We got further than we thought, given the fact that we were able to load the boat and get on the road earlier than we expected. We now have exactly 1800 miles to get to Tennessee by Friday, and as Craig likes to say, it is definately "doable". He is much more the "can do" person, where I tend to lean towards the "what ifs". We often laugh about his glass half full and my glass half empty. I imagine that is what makes us such a great team, together we have a balance, just call us ying and yang.

We left Wednesday in the morning darkness, and as we approached the Flagstaff area it started to snow. The temperatures were just at 32 degreees, so it was a very wet and slushy snowfall, which did not stick to the roadway. The inclimate weather did not last long at all, and as the sun rose, the sky was blue with a few gray clouds hanging around.

With such a light load, we received the green signal of the prepass transponder in our cab and were able to bypass the scales. Before we knew it, we had driven almost 6 hours and stopped to fix some lunch at the Big Sky Casino in Acoma, New Mexico. While Craig made a few phone calls, I ventured inside to pay a visit to their coffee bar to get us a caffeine treat. Alas, with both hands full, I wasn't able to test my luck at the slot machines.

After driving 650 miles we shut down for the night in Vega, TX at a little Shell station off the Interstate. With the temperatures down in the 20's, it should make for a nice chilly night to get our sleep...... and that is something this Ying and Yang both enjoy!


John said...

It's hard to imagine Vega, TX at 20 degrees. And here I was looking at Travelocity to find a flight anywhere south for the weekend.

Bob Funkhouser said...

It's really fun to watch your travels and read your prose. Class is going great and Teresa is headed for Oklahoma tomorrow night. Like to meet up one day.

Anonymous said...

So who Ying and who is Yang?

CRAIG & DIANE said...

John - might I suggest you think a little more south. Ice had formed on our truck by the time we made it to Amarillo for fuel.

Bob - Happy to hear you enjoy the blog. Continued success on your new venture for life out on the road. We will always keep an eye out for you in our travels.

Anon - Ying or Yang , Yang or Ying, we'll answer to both!

Jennie said...

I agree with Bob, it's really neat that you share your travels with us homebodies. I'd love to go to the SW again soon. Stan and I are both "what if" types, usually. Once in a while one of us breaks out and plays the "can do" role when necessary.


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