Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We are still in Knoxville. After dropping the boat at the Sea Ray Plant Friday afternoon, sitting the weekend resetting the driving hours and waiting until the Brunswick Plant opened on Monday, here we still are. We had such high hopes of getting our load and heading to our delivery, but that was all tabled when upon arrival at the Plant early Monday morning they did an inspection on the trailer.

You see, Brunswick owns the trailers we use on the Marine Division, so every time they get one into their facility they like to do an inspection, which is good because they can do preventive maintenance , which then can avert any problems you might have while out on the road. Which is exactly what they did for us. They found that the seals and brakes on the trailer needed replaced, and as we sat in the truck patiently waiting the day lingered on, and on, and on. It took much longer for them to do the repairs then they thought, and finally around 1pm the man in charge told us to come back on Tuesday as they would not have it completed by the end of the day.

So off we went back to the Pilot, about 5 miles away, this time without our trailer. Sure, parking was much easier, but we would have much preferred to have been headed down the Interstate than sitting. We did put the down time to good use, as I got caught up on laundry and over the weekend Craig used some of his excess energy to shine the wheels on the truck, but the gypsy inside us longed to be going anywhere.

When we had first received this dispatch, it had us going to Jacksonville, FL and Woodbridge, VA, but when we arrived at the boat plant, it was discovered there was an error in the information. So when we finally get our load and head on down the road we will be going to the docks in Portsmouth, VA and then to a dealership in Woodbridge, VA. A short trip of only about 700 miles, but rumor has it they have two more loads already set up for us so we should stay plenty busy over the next week or so.


John said...

The one thing you can plan on is that there is nothing you can plan on.

FleetcardsGal said...

That's too bad about the delay, but it's great to have your truck inspected for safety.

Looking forward to your next post!


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