Saturday, February 23, 2008


We got up way before the crack of dawn to take showers and head out to our delivery destination of Vonore, TN. I can't really say the sun came out, because it remained firmly seated behind the gray blanket that was left over from the day before. We had heard of some rain and thunder storms that were predicted for the area, but all it managed to do was drizzle all day long. So with our lone little boat taking center stage on our trailer we headed east along Interstate 40.

Traffic moved along nicely until right before Nashville, TN. We started seeing the bright red lights of brakes being applied, so we turned up the CB to try and hear what might be causing the slow down. Evidently, there was a big rig off the side of the roadway. They had emergency personnel lining the slow lane, as traffic tried to merge over into the fast lane. Talk on the CB stated that it had been there awhile, and as we passed by, I saw that there were HazMat personnel also on scene. I couldn't tell what the box van had inside, but there were plenty of people on top and inside trying to neutralize it.

Once past Nashville, we continued on towards Vonore. Just 15 miles from the boat plant, we passed another driver who had just left with his freshly loaded trailer. He joked with us that we seemed to be going the wrong way and if we were headed to the plant we better hurry as they were closing down in 30 minutes. But wait, Craig had called when we got the dispatch and they told him that they would be there until midnight. I can tell you, those last 15 miles seemed like it took forever, but we finally got to the guard shack, checked in, and after hunting down the work crew taking a last break before calling it day, they off loaded the boat in less than 10 minutes.

Shortly after putting in our empty call, we were sent a dispatch just a few miles away in Knoxville, TN to the main Brunswick Boat Plant. We won't be able to pick up our load until Monday morning, so we'll do a reset of Craig's driving hours and hang out, watch some pay per view movies, and relax for the weekend.

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